This story is about the movie you’ve never seen and a tale you’ve never heard. If you did, it could change your life. And, if it changed your life, you could change the lives of millions of others.

Movies can be incredible vehicles for entertainment. They make us laugh, cry, cringe, wish we could inhabit the chaos and adventure of the protagonist, as long as the chaos ends happily in 120 minutes or less. But that’s only part of what movies can do. That’s only one side of the story. In a world hungry for help and people hungry to make a difference, a movie can be the launchpad of a movement that restructures a life, a home, or even a nation.


That’s where the story begins. With a movie you need to see.


Many of those life-changing movies, however, remain voices crying in the wilderness. They play on limited screens. Have limited advertising budgets. Reach limited audiences. Create limited change. They end up on a dusty shelf and their stories of bravery and heroism, survival and adventure, influence and aspiration are silenced before the credits roll.

What a terrible ending to a hopeful beginning. But what a great time to resurrect the dead.

Catalyst Movies believes in the power of story because we believe you can make a difference…

If you only knew where and how. After 20 years of working with some of the biggest names and biggest movie studios in Hollywood, we’ve seen so many possibilities – locked away or ignored – inside the stories you haven’t seen.

We believe these stories deserve a chance.

We believe you deserve the choice to see them.

We believe the world deserves the hope of what you could do once you have.

That’s why we’re offering these movies to you. We’re finding the most impactful movies, the ones that set us back on our heels and galvanized us into action, and we’re providing them to you.

They are here for you to watch, experience, know, decide.
At the end of each movie, you will be given options to get involved, if you so choose. Or, you can simply watch, be overwhelmed, and take what you know and what you’ve seen into your world to affect everyone you know. The choice is yours. But, most importantly, now you have a choice.

So, that’s our story. That could be your story, too. There’s no way to know where a movie will take you until you’ve seen it. (This is your call to action). The world is waiting for you to push play.