Where Was God? – Gold Plus Package

Where Was God? – Gold Plus Package


Get Instant Access To These Digital Items:

  • Movie License Kit To Show Where Was God – $199 Value
  • Lifetime access to watch Where Was God (Online Access) – $15 Value
  • Weathering Life’s Storms Sermon Series Resources – $75 Value
  • Storms of Life Learning to Trust God (eBook) – $9 Value
  • Finding God In Life Storms 30 Day Pray Devotional (eBook) – $9 Value
  • Overcoming Storms Together Family Devotional – $9 Value
  • Membership to Where Was God’s Leaders Community – $75 Value
  • Membership to Where Was God’s Community – $25 Value
  • Planning Campaign PDF – $50 Value

You Also Get Instant Access To This Digital Small Groups Kit

  • Storms of Life Small Group Leader Guide ebook – $15 Value
  • Storms of Life Small Group Participant Guide ebook – $9 Value
  • Video Series with Licensed Professional Counselor Access – $125 Value
  • Small Group Leader Vision PDF

Plus Receive These Physical Items Shipped To Your Door:

  • Where Was God DVD – $15 Value
  • Weathering Life’s Storms Sermon Series Resources Book – $125 Value
  • Storms of Life Learning to Trust God Book – $15 Value
  • Finding God In Life Storms 30 Day Pray Devotional Book – $15 Value
  • Overcoming Storms Together Family Devotional Book – $15 Value
  • Storms of Life Small Group Leader Guide Book – $30 Value
  • Eight (8) Storms of Life Small Group Participant Guide Books – $80 Value

These Items Are Ordered In Bulk And Shipped To Your Door Anywhere In The World In 4-6 Weeks


Our Gold Digital Plus Package is the crown jewel of all our packages… With over 28 thoughtfully created resources valued at $910, we are giving you this entire package at the most affordable price of only $297! That’s over $600 off!

So what is included in this incredible package?

You will get everything in the Silver Digital and Physical package and everything in the Gold Digital package PLUS all of the products in physical form so you can have it in your hand for your large group, community, or church!

Inside the package, you will receive the WHERE WAS GOD Movie License Kit (valued at $199) so you can host large and legally licensed events showing WHERE WAS GOD to spread HOPE far and wide!

You will also receive an entire Planning Campaign that was designed specifically for leaders who are wanting to reach the hurting in their community in THE best possible way. This Planning Campaign is a promotional spiritual experience to get an entire church or community in alignment for an extended period of time to focus on “Overcoming Life’s Storms.”

Steven Earp, producer of WHERE WAS GOD and creator of the successful planning campaign created this out of necessity for his community. Here are some notes on what propelled the creation of this incredible resource

“Four months after the tragedy, we surveyed 40,000 homes. We wanted to know the answer to their most common spiritual questions. So we had one simple question that we asked the community, “If you could ask God anything, and you knew He would answer, what would you ask him?

I knew that pain and suffering would be a common theme. But we weren’t ready for the volume of responses we received.

More than 50% of respondents asked a question related to pain and suffering. Some of the questions were about why God allowed our specific tragedy. Other people asked why God allowed evil to exist.

The questions people asked reflected some curiosity, some anger, but mostly just pain.

We knew that we needed to continually address the issue of pain and suffering if we wanted to serve our community well. So because of this, we completed and increased the scope of the film project we were already working on.

After WHERE WAS GOD, I wrote the book Storms of Life: Learning to Trust God Again. This book largely came out of my personal journal writings and reflections dealing with pain and suffering.

Then after that, came the planning campaign. Not everyone reads books. And the movie didn’t give a broad and deep enough explanation for how to help people walk through hard times.

We learned so much while caring for our community and I wanted to create a tangible and step by step guide that shows how God is good even when life is not good and teaches every Christian how to find God even when life is the hardest.”

We are also giving you a step by step guide on how to effectively speak to your congregation and community on some harder topics that are brought up in WHERE WAS GOD through our Weathering Life’s Storms Sermon Series downloadable resource AND the bound book.

In this sermon series, we not only equip you with all the tools on how to write a perfect sermon, but we also give you a plan on how you can do it in an incredibly powerful way. This sermon series will be something that impacts your church and encourages them in any season they may be walking in. Through this series, you will also develop leaders in your congregation who can step up in a time of need and have conversations surrounding storm’s of life confidently.

Have a small group and want to have authentic conversations around the storms each of you are walking through? We have also included one Storms of Life Small Group Leader Guide ebook and bound book, EIGHT Storms of Life Small Group Participant Guide with our Video Series featuring licensed professional counselor, Jeff Plunkett. We are also giving you a FREE download of our Vision Night Guide so you can know how to rally your leaders together for a successful small group semester.

This curriculum goes along with the Storms of Life book and weekend sermons but meets a very specific need: Helping people learn HOW to help the hurting. Each week, our video curriculum includes a Christian psychologist and counselor giving tips on how to respond to people in pain. What to say, what not to say, how to help them, and how to know when our helping actually hurts. All of this is valued at $150

Of course, in addition to all of this, you will immediately gain instant and lifetime online access to WHERE WAS GOD and a WHERE WAS GOD DVD so you can watch it as many times as you want. There are no restrictions!

You will also receive our “Storms of Life” e-book and bound book that picks up where the film left off. In this book, we explore all the major categories of life storms. From relational stress to financial challenges to death and mourning. The book focuses on helping people find God while they are in the middle of life storms and will show you the truth of where God is in your storm.

In addition, you will get our Finding God in “Life Storms, 30-day prayer devotional” download and bound book. This study has daily scripture reading, prayer, and reflections to take what you learn in your head and let it transform your heart. This 30-day devotional will help you overcome any storm in your life. Written by Steven Earp and created to help you dive deeper into the issues covered in the movie WHERE WAS GOD. Our goal is that during times of pain and suffering, you will learn to hear, and listen to the voice of God.

Lastly, we wanted to include something that you as a parent could do with your whole family. We have collaborated with Sonya Tyra, an early childhood and reading specialist to develop Overcoming Storms Together Family Devotional download and bound book. This devotional is flexible and can be used for all ages of children and attention spans. It will help teach your family how to care well for people who are hurting.

BONUS– We even are giving you a FREE Membership to our WHERE WAS GOD Facebook Community AND Leadership Community!

One of the KEY elements for people to overcome grief, depression, and any storm is to connect with others. It is the same for leaders! The best leaders are those who have weekly interactions with other leaders. Together, you are able to come up with solutions to struggles and discover new ideas and ways of doing things. Above all, a community of leaders reminds you that you are not alone and provides you a safe place to process situations and pain. We are thrilled to provide the BONUS community exclusively for leaders. The producer of WHERE WAS GOD and pastor will be an active member of this group as well.

As an ADDED BONUS we are providing you with everything you need to have a successful movie night, and campaign for your community.

We are giving you Social Media Downloadable Memes, Promotional Downloadable Stills, Facebook Cover Photo Downloads, and Print Material Downloads (Banners, Posters, Bookmarks, and Handouts).