On the run and bleeding a young man ends up at a pond house where he meets an old man (Tobin Bell) and holds him hostage in his own home.

Synopsis : As the days pass and the secrets about their past are revealed, they learn that they might not have been looking for each other...but they may have been brought together for a reason.

Starring : Tobin Bell, Jason Mac, Rebeca Robles, Michael Aaron Milligan, Gregory Alan Williams, Isaiah Stratton, Kurt Yue, Josh Henry, Alphie Hyorth, Spencer Brabham

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“This film was born out of one of the most difficult times in my life,” says Writer/Director Jason Mac. “My father was my protector; a guardian I knew would always be there, and then one day he wasn’t. The loss forced me to look inside and really explore what it was to be a father. Too many young men have no male role model growing up, so I hope that becomes a lesson and learning from this film.”

Inspire men to know how to be fully engaged, become a man of action, and build a legacy for his family.

An award-winning, inspirational movie for the whole family.

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