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Discover the Answers To The Question You Have Been Asking
In this Free Documentary about Finding God in the Storms of Life

Find the answers to questions like…

Where is God in your pain? Or disappointment? Or loss?

Where is He when your worst fear becomes a reality?

When you can’t bear the hurt? When everything comes apart?

When the destruction to your life, your heart, your hopes, reshape the direction of your life? Is He hiding? Does He have better things to do?

Worst still, does He just not care?

where was god

Discover the Powerful True Story. Find HOPE in the Storm.

Have you ever wondered if there is HOPE to be found in the midst of your storm?

Do you have a friend or family member who is facing a storm right now and you want to help them, but you don't know how? WHERE WAS GOD will provide HOPE and will be the catalyst for TRANSFORMATION in their life.

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Where Was God?

A documentary about the survivors of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado on May 20, 2013

Those doubts rushed in at 210 mph during a natural disaster that caused an estimated 1,200 people to lose their homes and a magnitude of devastation measured over eight times greater than the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima, and yet they overcame and found HOPE like never before.

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As they viewed their community, now in tatters, and their neighbors, now grieving and in shock, what could they make of what happened?

The documentary takes you through the journey of the survivors as they put the pieces back together and find hope the answer to what they had been asking, “Where was God?”


“We all experience storms of life in one way or another, at one time or another…”

Maybe you’ve experienced a loss that didn’t make sense to you, such as a beloved family member who passed away too early. Maybe an illness struck you or someone close to you in a way that makes it difficult to move forward with your life. Perhaps you’ve encountered the ferocious winds of addiction, abuse, relational stress, disability and illness, financial storms that leave you scratching your head. Maybe you’ve even been in a natural disaster.

I pastor a church in Moore, Oklahoma. My wife and I met here and we’ve lived here our entire lives. By a strange combination of circumstances, opportunities, and God-ordained moments, we have found ourselves almost continually ministering to people at the most difficult times in their lives. Our ministry has intersected so frequently with families who are suffering, that these experiences have largely defined and shaped our identity in God’s kingdom.

Our ministry has intersected so frequently with families who are suffering, that these experiences have largely defined and shaped our identity in God’s kingdom.

Movie Endorsements

A clear, unscripted, Christ-honoring, heart-breaking, hope-building movie. It has been a very long time that a documentary kept me glued to the content and the impact of the message touched every part of me. Many will be brought into the Kingdom because of this powerful presentation of God's love in the midst of our darkest moments. Truly, marvelously done! Praise God!

Nick Garland, Pastor

First Baptist Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Ten years from now, 'Where Was God?' will be remembered much more by those who see it than the latest Marvel comic movie.

Brian Hobbs

Baptist Messenger

Where was God? Answer: God was there!!! This film made this clear!!!

Michael Grubbs, Pastor

Pleasant Hill FWB

This film will help a lot of people that are going through rough times, see and understand more about God, their Heavenly Father.

Rick Duncan, Pastor

Yukon FWB Church

Powerful, moving, a message of HOPE.

Mike Wade, Exec Director

Oklahoma Free Will Baptists

This film is obviously very emotional and good. With the only message of hope.

Tom Drake, Pastor

Windwood FWB

The message of the film reminds us that restoration doesn't always answer the "why". But God is the "who"... who walks us through the pain and heals us enough to reach out to others and share hope. As we share hope with others, our healing continues.

Shirley A Combs

Powerful message of comfort and hope, spoken by those who experienced first hand deep suffering and tragedy.

Jim Combs

Real people, real struggles, really powerful!

Dustin Allen, Recruiter


An outstanding Godly look at what was a horrible event. Uplifting. Very good work!!!

Bobby Thompson, Recruiter


Inspiring to me in my own struggles and encouragement for others doing life.

Dennis Cariker, Pastor

Heartland FWB

Powerful, intense, raw emotion! I feel blessed to be at this screening!

Jerry Jones, Pastor

Anchor Church

I would encourage everyone to see this movie! It is awesome to see God throughout all of the tragedy! This movie will change you! Bring your family and friends, everyone needs to see this film!

Amy Holley, Children’s ministry

Trinity Baptist Church of Yukon

Anyone who has experienced tragedy needs to see this film. You will experience the pain, but you will also experience the healing that comes through Jesus Christ. It is truly transformational!

Lane Taylor, Middle School Pastor

Trinity Baptist Church of Yukon

Outstanding film chronicling God’s present and provision amidst life’s storms.

Mark Robinson, Exec Pastor

Wildwood Community Church

This is a powerful piece that dives deep into the pain and hurt that can come in this world, but gives a glimpse of the hope that can grow up through new relationships and being attentive to how God is orchestrating every single detail in every event of our lives. Great work!

JT Harrison