• Matt Dickerson

    Matt Dickerson

    Executive Director

    Matt has been a leader with Catalyst Movies since our first stage of development.After more than a decade in Christian media, marketing, and publishing (including working hand-in-hand with Kyle on the Passion of the Christ), Matt joined Catalyst on a Christmas film release in 2013.

    Now after more than 40 theatrical campaigns, Matt is a trusted voice, known for his caring demeanor and intense devotion to a film's success. 

    His focus continues the legacy of Catalyst being a great partner who goes above and beyond for both the audience utilizing our films and the producing & marketing teams working behind the scenes on every movie release.

    Matt's leadership incorporates all Catalyst Movie development, marketing & communications, Church & Movie Streaming licensing and sales, and all key relationship management.  

  • Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson


    After a decade in the church media world, Kyle joined the Passion of The Christ team in 2003 and opened his eyes to the power of film to affect culture. That began a career in the film marketing industry that has encompassed 50+ movie campaigns that have achieved more than $1.5 billion in the box office.

    In founding Catalyst Movies, it's been Kyle’s mission to help amazing stories find their audience. Though he no longer works in the day-to-day with Catalyst Movies, his fingerprint is on everything we do and he serves on our board to continue to offer experience and insight.