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Show the movie IDENTITY CRISIS in your church!

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Madison is a shy science whiz in college who struggles with confidence issues and imposter syndrome figures out how to clone herself in order to create the perfect identity and send her off to do all the things she is afraid to do only to discover that God already created her the perfect version of herself and gave her all the courage... she needed to try.

The Story:  A shy science wiz in college, Madison, struggles with confidence issues. She feels like she’s not good enough, and she’s afraid to put herself out there. One day, she makes a breakthrough in her research and figures out how to clone herself.

Madison decides to use her new discovery to create the perfect identity. She clones herself and gives her clone all the traits that she wishes she had: confidence, charisma and the ability to fit in. Madison sends her clone off to do everything she is afraid of.

The clone quickly becomes the life of the party. She’s popular, outgoing, and everyone loves her. Madison is jealous at first, but she’s also happy for clone to do the things she is too afraid to do.

But then, things start to go wrong. The clone becomes too popular and she starts to forget about Madison. She also starts to make questionable choices. Madison realizes she needs to get her clone under control, but its too late. Clone has become her own person and she’s not going to listen to Madison anymore. Madison is forced to confront her own insecurities. She realizes that she doesn’t need to be perfect to be loved. God has already created her with everything she needs to succeed she just needs to try.

Why it matters for your church and young people
Identity Crisis explores the common question, what if I could fix what I think is wrong with me, would my life be better? Using the fantastic fictional illustration of cloning, the story ends with the poignant recognition that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, the Creator on purpose for a purpose.

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